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– Cyberpup

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Cyberpup is the mask of our line with the highest electronic content (all rigorously aesthetic!).
If you want to take a tour of NightCity or Los Angeles in 2049 or you want to be absolutely hi-tech, here is the mask for you.

Cyberpup has an asymmetrical design, this is because several implants have been inserted on the muzzle of this puppy such as the left ear enhanced by an antenna for data transmission,
the eye to broaden the visible light spectrum or as the olfactory processor.

In this mask the design is bent to functionality for a total coherence of the cyberpunk theme and of the body modifications.
Cyberpup obviously also boasts the best production standards like the rest of the masks produced by Zaush Design.

From the basic design you see here, each Cyberpup mask will have different technological inserts from each other, obviously because all the systems come from the CROME black market and we cannot guarantee a constant supply, but better this way it means that each mask will be in its own way. unique and inimitable..

Regolabile per adattarsi al meglio alla tua nuca e con la possibilità di orientare le orecchie come più vi piace in modo da poter trasmettere le più svariate espressioni.

Adjustable to best fit your nape and with the ability to orient the ears as you like so you can convey the most varied expressions.

The jaw is easily controlled only by closing or opening your mouth and the muzzle channels the sound well to allow you to bark at its best and for deep and loud howls.

Optionally it is possible to request the detachable jaw, in case you want to use your real mouth.

MADE IN ITALY and completely handmade.

ADJUSTABLE from 45 to 60cm in circumference.

NB. all electronic components are purely aesthetic and non-functional.





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